With over 8 years in the field of professional pet grooming and many countless years beforehand working as stable hand and kennel assistant in various other establishments. Niamh Mc Elhinney had inherited her love of animals from the age of 3 through her own professional and personal history.

With a long family line of animal lovers, she started as a kennel assistant age at a very young age helping her uncle, a USCPA Inspector, rescuing and care for unwanted animals. Whilst it was her love of horses, thanks to another uncle that would inspire her to pursue a career in grooming.

Beginning as a stable hand in 1992, through time grew experience in handling, management and animal behaviour. Grooming was a daily chore she thoroughly loved as this help attune the animal's confidence and well-being greatly.

In 2001 she was employed by Jollyes Pet Superstore in Derry. This was the perfect platform in achieving accredited qualifications in Animal Care and Husbandry, Dog Grooming, Advanced Canine & Feline Nutrition and Microchipping.

Whilst establishing the Dog Grooming on a minor basis then, it quickly developed beyond expectations, having to enlist the help of her parents and their premises. Then within a short space of time, both parents were to be decreased and the arrival of her daughter would mean taking a 2 year hiatus.

By leaving Jollyes in 2010, K9 Millionhairs Mobile Dog Grooming and Microchipping was a service that was worth waiting for. This service provided the full capabilities of a static groomer, only directly to your doorstep within Derry /Northwest and Donegal areas. Having a relaxed, stress-free environment, dogs enjoyed the one to one contact without the anxiety of travelling to and from a location.

Recently, the K9 Millionhairs brand has succeeded in producing a small but significant grooming range for per owners. To add further success, franchising the brand is currently under way in the Republic of Ireland creating a greater opportunity for people always wanting a career working with animals.