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Full Groom

This is our most extensive service which includes a warm water bath using a specific deep cleansing shampoo to suit your dog's skin type, followed by a luxurious conditioner. For nervous/anxious dogs, aromatherapy treatments maybe required.


Small Breeds £35* (1hr 30min)
Medium Breeds £40* (1hr 30min)
Large Breeds £45* (2hr)
Giant Breeds £55* (2hr)
* prices subject to change to geographical location


*Please Note*
New pricing structure only applys to mobile appointments

Your dog can be styled to your preference.

The full groom also includes
• Breed Style or Full Body Comfort Clip
• Nail Trimmed & Smoothed
• Ear Cleaning / Ear plucking
• Deshedding of Loose Hair
• Sanitary Trim & Glands
• Coat Stain Removal
• Dental Check / Fresh Minty Breath
• Scented Fragrance or coat conditioning Spray.

Other services that can be included in your animals full groom at an extra cost are:

Tooth and gum cleaning
Ear drops
Tear Staining Facials

After Treatment After Treatment


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Bath and De-shedding

This is a specific treatment that is recommended for dogs that shed hair, primarily with the change of seasons. The tools used can remove your dogs constant shedding by up to 80%. All the dry, dead hair is removed making them look and feel a lot healthier and happier

Small Breeds £30* (1hr)
Medium Breeds £35* (1hr)
Large Breeds £40* (1hr 30min)
Giant Breeds £50* (1hr 30min)
* prices subject to change to geographical location


*Please Note*
New pricing structure only applys to mobile appointments

Dogs that can benefit from this treatment are:

• German Shepherds
• Labradors
• Rottweilers
• Huskys
• Collies
• Golden Retrievers

And most double coated dogs.

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Some coat types get matted and tangled easier than others. Fine-coated breeds such as Schauzers Poodles and Bichons and many Drop Coated breeds like Lhasa Apso's, Shih Tzu's and Maltese's get quite serious problems with their fur. A regular grooming session of 6-8 weeks is strongly recommended as well as regular brushing daily by the owners. There is an additional charge for difficult dematting (to be determined by the groomer).

Dematting Dematting Dematting

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Hand Stripping

Priced accordingly due to size and condition of the dog.

This is suitable for most terrier breeds and gundogs. This is a service that uses a specific stripping tool to remove the dogs dead coat to leave them looking immaculate but still completely natural.

Unlike clipping, stripping does not alter the texture or colour of the coat.
Breeds that can benefit from this groom are;
• Border Terriers
• Westies
• German Long Haired Pointers
• Airedales

Most wire and long coated dogs.

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Flea & Tick Treatments

Dogs can be infested by these nasty parasites sometimes unknowns to the owners. One flea can lay 20 eggs, multiplying within days. Flea "dirt" looks like bits of black pepper or dirt on your pet's skin and in the hair coat (see below). It is actually the flea feces, composed mainly of the blood meal ingested by the flea from your pet. The blood is dried out, giving it a black, crackly appearance and texture. Immediate eradication is needed utilising the best flea treatment shampoos and aerosols (kills live fleas and ticks instantly).


Before the Flea Treatment After the Flea Treatment

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Nails Trimmed & Smoothed £10.00

Long nails that continuously strike the ground places excessive pressure on bones and tendons and may cause discomfort. Unattended dew claws will curve back into the pad, causing a puncture wound that is painful and prone to infection.

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